High School Reunion

Homesick for Bentonville family, most of my high school friends returned to the (479) this weekend. We decided to pry ourselves away from family time for one night together, and it was a blast.

I've only been out out of high school for half a year now, but it was nice to get to see all of my secondary school friends. After high school, with everybody going separate ways, the only form of communication we have is facebook, which we all talk on daily.
Acambaro Group Shot
Here's a quick Finder, left to right, front row first:

Brady: Harding University, AR
Aubrey: Ouachita Baptist University, AR :)
Alice: University of Tulsa, OK
Cassandra: University of Central Arkansas, AR

Alan: Bentonville High School Senior, AR
Wesley: United States Army, OK
Hunter: Missouri State University, MO
Nick: United States Naval Academy, MD

Alan is one year younger than us, but has always been a part of the gang, so he's in there with us.

We went to Acambaro for dinner, then piled in the DeLuca's Yukon XL to head to Lokomotion. After a quick round of November Mini Golf, and Freezing Go Karts, we headed to McDonalds for some social time, then called it quits right before midnight.

It was a blast. Hard to call it a high school reunion, but that's what it was. We'll be back at Christmas, watch out Bentonville!