iPhone Owner

It's official, I am now a happy iPhone owner.

Me and Apple's iPhone go WAY BACK...

Screen 1June 29, 2007
My friends Tyler and Jake meet me at the AT&T store at 3am, to get in line for the 6pm launch of the Original iPhone. We arrive, the first ones there, crowning us the coveted title of "I had it before everybody got it". At 8am, I received a phone call from my dad, telling me to get out of the iPhone line. He wouldn't give an answer, he just told me to step out. So, I gave up my "number one" spot in line.

December 25, 2007
Christmas Day. After waiting six whole months (of drooling on Tyler's phone) I think this is the day. Surely, he told me to get out of line, because he had an iPhone under the tree for me. Nope. I make the statement that I'm going to buy one, and he baits me, "better wait and see for your birthday in March".

March 15, 2008
My eighteenth birthday. This is the day. After waiting 6+3 months, I begin unwrapping the small boxes first. Nope. I give up.

Screen 2July 11, 2008
the iPhone 3G (current model) hits the streets. Both my bosses, Dave and Chad, are in line, and get one on release day (sound familiar?). Me? Nope. "That does it, I'm going out and buying one myself, this is ridiculous". My father had drug me out an entire year with anticipation and hints of him giving one to me as a gift. He stops me, again. "Better wait and see what Santa leaves under the tree THIS year"

November 30, 2008
My brother and I are home. We go to church, then eat lunch at RibCrib. My dad takes a wrong turn on the way home, and we end up at the AT&T store. We walk in, sit down, and walk out 56mins later with a black iPhone in my hand, and a white one in Caleb's.

iPhoneI love this phone. Not the status symbol statement that it makes, but the functionality of having the internet in my pocket. In fact, I am trying to keep my iPhone on a modest basis. It drove me NUTS through the last 1.5yrs when people would practically wave them in other's faces. "well, let me check that out on my iPHONE, do you like it, it's an iPHONE?!"

Loving the phone, but also loving keeping it in my pocket, and not being a snob about it. The phone is not perfect, but it is the best phone on the market right now, so I'll take it. People will report of flaws, such as battery life, or camera quality, but it truly is the best phone on the shelves, and I love it.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for our early Christmas Presents for this year. I may not have anything to open on Christmas morning now, but that's a fair trade for this wonderful early gift.