the Boy is Back in Town

Well, my friend Nick DeLuca is finally back in town, after being "shipped off" to the Naval Academy this summer. It'll be good to see him for lunch tomorrow, at the traditional Saturday lunch locale, McDonalds.

Pilot: Nick DeLucaI'm pretty sure he's not a reader, so I can just go crazy: He's in the Naval Academy, training to be the best pilot America has ever seen. He's the man. I'm 100% that he will make the BEST, literally, #1 pilot, in the history of the United States.

I got to fly with him, just before he left, I was honored. Hope you like the photo, I took my gear up with me, specifically to get this posing pilot shot. I'm happy with it. Since I shot with bounced flash, I was able to evenly expose his face, while not blowing the image out.

DeLuca's LiftAnyway, I'll try to sneak a photo of him in his uniform for ya'll, but I don't know how pumped he's going to be about wearing it, this is probably some of the first days in the last five months that he has actually CHOSEN what to wear, the last thing he'll pull out is one of his uniforms. Anyway, I'm PUMPED.

By the way, the mighty Tigers won tonight, lining them up for STATE! Go TIGERS!