Poor Rainier: Part I

I am blessed to have as nice of a car as I have. I drive a silver Buick Rainier CXL V8, and have driven it since my 16th birthday. The car is awesome. Everyone that rides in my car comments on how smooth of a ride it is, and how good it smells. I pride myself on my car, I love it.

About a month into school down here at Henderson State, in Arkadelphia, AR, my car got hit. I was parked in the dorm parking lot, and someone backed into my car. Not too bad of damage really, but then they drove off. A hit and run. I didn't see it happen, and I have no idea who did it. I got an official police report, and submitted it to insurance. I would be able to finally get it fixed sometime this week, after 3 weeks of driving a scratched-up Rainier.

The damage wasn't too deep. My body shop Buddy said he can take the bumper off, re-paint it, and we'll be done. I can't wait to get my car back to perfect condition.