Breaking: Shooting on UCA Campus

There was a shooting tonight on the University of Central Arkansas campus, nearby, in Conway, AR.

It happened less than 6hrs ago, so the news coverage is very sketchy right now. We do know a few concrete facts. At least student is dead. The campus is on full lockdown right now.

I just spoke with a friend of mine on-campus there at Conway. His information was also sketchy, because of the lockdown. He is stuck in his friends' room, and when I tried to open the door to return to his room, a police officer stopped him, asking him to close the door and remain in the room. Here's the basic rundown of what he was able to provide:

OK. My man was right next to the shooting. He was "inside the building" when he "heard BOOM BOOM BOOM" and when he looked outside, there was "A guy, dead, with blood everywhere". He watched the shooter go into "Arkansas Hall". My witness is farely certain that "this was a drive-by".

He has the idea that "This was a deliberate action, but not a deliberate target". The "guy, dead," was in his Oral Communications class, however my witness did not know him personally. My witness did not believe it to be so much gang related, as in, gang targeting gang. He believed it to be more of a direct action, a statement, using an innocent individual as their microphone of broadcast.

Please pray for the campus of UCA. Classes are cancelled for Monday. By the time you will be reading this, a major news network will most likely have picked up the story, giving us a crystal-clear look into what exactly happened. For now, this is all we've got.

I've got two friends on campus there at UCA. One is in Ft. Smith tonight for a choir event, the other is our source.

Pray for UCA.