Poor Rainier: Part II

Master Lock
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I was driving home two weeks ago, on my way to shoot the BHS vs. Heritage game, and run FOH Audio for FBC Bentonville. Remember? My brother in the front seat, and we're cruisin' down the highway.

We're driving behind a pickup truck, pulling a trailer. There was a lock on the trailer latch. The lock was open, and dangerously dangling.

The trailer dude hits a bump. The padlock decides to leave it's happy home, attached to the trailer, and drop to the pavement. WHEW! At least it dropped to the pavement instead of coming up towards my.... Now, at this point in the story, I'd like to point out a new discovery in the laws of Physics: PADLOCKS BOUNCE. So, the padlock that HAD been on it's way to the pavement is NOW on it's way to my windshield. It drops again, Praise the LORD, but not back to the pavement, it drops to my hood. This, of course, leaves a new dent and scratch atop my previously dent-and-scratch-less car hood.

At least it didn't shatter our windshield at 74mph. Praise the LORD.

So, let's review. My poor Rainier, who doesn't deserve any of this treatment, has now been...

1.) slammed by a hit-and-run lunatic in the parking lot
2.) dented by a bounce-and-fly padlock on the I-40.