eleven88: Live in Concert

I joined a band here in Arkadelphia, named eleven88. Well, when I joined it, they really didn't have a name. We all just enjoyed playing praise and worship music, so we didn't need one. Then somebody was actually crazy enough to listened to us. Then someone was actually crazy enough to give us a gig. Then someone needed to make up a name for our band. Then I made up a name for our band:


If you turn in your bibles to the very middle verse, the very center of God's word, it is Psalm 118:8. The verse states to not place our trust in man, but to wholly lean on Jesus, because man will fail us every time. I love it. We just modded the numbers "one eighteen, eight" to be "eleven eighty eight". Works pretty good. Anyway, I have no idea what we're doing playing shows now, but, czech out that sweet poster they made up for this one. Pretty slick. I'm the brown shirt 12-year-old in the back.