uFeature: BLAST! Tiger Tunes 2008

Squeezing in barely for one more uFeature for the weekend, is the OBU Band Tiger Tunes performance. wow. If the band was allowed to win the competition, there would have been NO COMPETITION. I was thrilled. (oh my) The band performed their BLAST! version of Michael Jackson's Thriller. It knocked my socks off, and right into the isle. A few baritones at Forte is about all it takes to get me excited. If you don't look at any of the other uFeatures from this weekend, look at this one. They really took the show. I only wish that I had done a better recording job. This fun-run-and-gun style that I've developed has it's bonuses, but it also has major drawbacks. Hopefully it got the job done well enough for you to get a glimpse at this impressive performance of... THRILLER!