uFeature: 2008 OBU Halftime Show

Ouachita Baptist's marching band is good. Real good. The OBU Band played three songs, 2 "Blood, Sweat & Tears" and one "Michael Jackson". All three were toe-tapping classics, which got the crowd really into their show. I don't care if my opinions are a little skewed or not, that is one SLICK band they've got over there. They're halftime show this year is an awesome display of one reason why I love them so much. More than anything else, the main thing I like to see in a halftime show is entertainment. The visiting band had an impressive, near-DCI level show. However, their music consisted of crazy spanish marches and junk that nobody had ever heard of. I'd take a toe-tappin' show over a Spanish DCI show just about any day. Especially since I happen to be familiar with one of their Thriller dancer girls... Maybe I'm biased, do I care? no.