Basic Worship Guitar

The last time we were at Laura's parents' house, my brother-in-law Bradley asked me to help him learn acoustic guitar. We sat down for about 30mins, but I want him to be able to progress in his training, even if we are 3hrs apart. So, tonight I sat down to send him a quick video on what to look at next.

While I was getting set up, I thought it might be beneficial to put a little bit more energy into it, and make them structured enough to share online.

Hopefully these basic little videos can help others. My motivation behind spending the extra hours working on these is that it will reach someone somewhere and will equip them to be able to be used by the Lord to lead for their community, wherever it may be.

I am going to start them out very basic, with the target audience of a person with about 5mins of experience on the guitar. They are going to move fairly slow, but progress fairly fast. Take all the time you need in between each video and practice along! :)

thanks for stopping by,