Career Academy of Hair Design

Haircut: Before

We have been in NWA for two weeks now, but there are tons of things we still need to do to get settled. One of those things is find someone to cut our hair. We had to move away from our favorite hair cutter, Taylor at the Gossip Shop, in Arkadelphia. Because I know nothing about the area, I thought it would be fun to try out the local beauty school, Career Academy of Hair Design.

I have never had my hair cut by a "student" before and thought now would be the best time to try. I love saving money and you can't beat $7 a hair cut. Cameron and I both had our haircut by different girls. It wasn't a traumatizing experience, but it did take an hour and a half. Even though it wasn't the best haircut I've ever gotten, I'll probably go back again.

I'll offer my hair to someone to learn because so me people offered me their hands to stick IVs in while I was learning :)

Haircut: After