Michael Curtis: Freshman Soundtrack

My friend Michael Curtis has done it again. A job well done on our Freshman video soundtrack.

This video is our 2nd in the line of this initial batch of 5 videos for Henderson State University.

He built it in sections that we can choose to assemble and loop however we need it. This is going to be additionally helpful if this project indeed breaks out into 2-3 videos instead of just one. Which it very well may. The testimonials went very well and we hope that this can become a sustainable concept for Henderson, to simply have students hop on camera and get the word out about how their experience has been since they arrived.

Here is a screenshot. There are 5 clips. I put them into an iTunes playlist just to play and see what the durations could look like. This assembly puts them into a 3:43 duration, with lead time in and out.

It's super tight. Love it.

Great job, again, Michael. :D

This video is currently in edit, but this Behind-the-Scenes video was a look at the shoot:

ALAMO MEDIA: South Lawn Testimonials from Cameron Magee on Vimeo.