Spring Break 2011

Yeah it's Spring Break! Only this one and one more, and then it's the real world from then on out... :)

I suppose I should be doing something really fun, maybe heading out on a trip or something, but I'm just relaxing. :) Came home for a few days here and then I'll meet back up with Laura and we'll do all our wedding gift registering down in Benton. That outta be a fun day or two of scanning bar codes. Looking forward to it.

For now, it's Spring Break and I'm feeling good.

If you don't mind, pray for Laura today. She's got some doctors appointments tomorrow to try and figure out what's been up with her body the past few weeks. It's not my body so I won't go into the details but basically her whole body aches, along with a list of other strange problems. We don't really know what it is, so if you would pray that it would be revealed, and that it could be remedied soon. It's been a real burden on everything for her for half a month now. :(