MBSF 3.14.11

Doug Goodman with us from East End.

Where Ya Gonna Find Security?

2 things we need to know about security:
What's false...and what's true.

1) this world offers nothing to stand on.
1 John 2:15 & 17

Satan's BIG lie: "you can find security without God"

Matthew 7:24-27
In these verses we learn that our life will crumble and fall if we bad it upon this world.

When we're comfortable we forget our dependency on the Lord. Like little children safe in their home, but when they are out in the dangerous public, they cling close to their guardians.

2) TRUE SECURITY: only Christ Jesus is the solid foundation and only He gives us security in this life and in the life to come.

Ps. 46:1
Ps. 57:1
Ps. 18:2
Ps. 62:2
Ps. 94:22
Ps. 28:16

II Tim. 2:19
I Tim. 6:17-19

Find your security, your hope in Jesus.