Canon 7D Setup

YouTube is a wonderful thing. I posted a video just after I opened my 7D a little over a year ago, mainly out of excitement and desire to get something out of the camera and online. After I posted it I began receiving emails asking about the gear in the video, so I posted a follow-up video on where to find stuff. Since then I posted another video focusing on the audio setup and now tonight I just posted one more focusing on an off-camera way of doing things.

I absolutely love these tools and the gear I've been given to use. This equipment has allowed me to grow and learn in creative ways to efficiently get projects DONE. :)

For the nerds, here are the four videos, consecutively. T original is at the top and the one I shot tonight is at the bottom. For the rest of us, I'll post something less nerdy soon. I promise. I think I've BEEN promising that since 300 something posts ago... lol

Thanks for reading and watching!