@ WHO dot com?

I've been extremely happy with Apple's ".mac" service through the years of my Apple fan-boy-hood. A few years ago they reformatted the servers to be "me.com" instead of "mac.com". To avoid a nerd riot they assured us that the mac.com addresses would still be online, and would just forward the messages onward, but really, the servers began slowly changing everyone over to me.com.

I held out as long as I could.

Let's be honest I LOVE having the mac name in my email address. I wear it with pride. :) But, things are changing and there really is no guarantee that tomorrow they won't pull the plug on the mac addresses. They've kindly asked us to switch so I will comply. I don't want to, none of us do, but I don't want my email not to work so I will cooperate. :)

So, I'll begin emailing out as CameronMagee@me.com. Hopefully it won't cause too much confusion. Just with "me" being so close to "mac" I thought I'd better do a quick post.

Laura is also at a me address, if you need that I'd be happy to email it to you, I just didn't want to post it out in the open on here.

Thanks for putting up with my nerdy posts. People have been asking for engagement stories or pictures, I'll try to get something up from that soon. Thanks for being patient and reading along!