Quick photos with Laura

Laura just left to go back to Benton, and sitting here going through some photos we took this weekend, I thought I'd post them for the three of you to see. :) Is there a fourth now?

Seriously though, I thought to myself, "the blog isn't Facebook, people can Google that sucker, should you upload anything you feel like?" The answer was yes.

My life's an open book. Just nobody reads it, so I guess I can put whatever I want. :D

Anyways, here they are. Click on the link under the photo to see the others, I believe there are six more.

The ones of her we grabbed in about 4mins on the front porch (I don't know if you where here this weekend but it was HOT). (By here I mean America)

The ones of us together mom took for us in about 8mins at Bogle Park here in town.

Again nothing fancy or special, I just REALLY enjoy taking pictures, especially relaxed quick ones, especially of her, especially.

I hope you like them!