5th Semester Class Schedule

oh my goodness classes start in two weeks.

There now that that's off my chest. Seriously? Two weeks until classes begin. Hard to swallow.

But that's nothing, here's what's really blowing my mind. This will be my 5th semester at college. 5 of 8. What? And, the 8th will be a full-semester internship, so really this is 5 of 7 for classes. WOW. Say it with me. WOW.

Anyways here's my class schedule. I've always kept a good track record of uploading this to the blog. :)


Can't let that beautiful thing go to waste there.

I'd post Laura's schedule too, she's the one with the real workload, but I try not to make a habit of randomly posting other's private information on the world wide web for all to see.

Let me just sum it up for you...

Mondays 8am
Tuesdays 10am
Wednesdays 6am-4pm (that's one class)
Thursdays 6am-4pm (AGAIN)
Fridays... OFF

So I was like, "aw well that'll be nice," turns out somebody told her, "if you didn't have Friday's off you couldn't pass the weekly tests, because studying all weekend wouldn't be enough."

OK WOW. Say it with me. WOW

Well there's that.
There's that.