Candace Bell Wedding: 2nd Shooter for Bryan

This Sunday I was extremely privileged to be apart of Bentonville graduate Candace Bell's wedding ceremony. Bryan Buettemeyer, local photographer and my good friend, asked me to tag along and assist him being his "2nd Shooter" on the photography of the day.

It was fantastic! This marked my 30th wedding, (29 worked, lol) and was quite possibly the most enjoyable experience I have ever got to be apart of.

Candace made her special day beautiful and wonderful by keeping a peaceful environment for herself and the ones closest around her. So many times at weddings the bride is smiling in the photos and screaming at her bridesmaids. Not Candace. What a day it was!

I had a blast. :)

My job was not to take pictures of Bryan taking pictures, but I did grab this one to capture my typical view for the day. Thanks Bryan and thanks Candace for my favorite wedding to date!