Meet Laura

So I met this guy nearly two years ago. I thought he was pretty cool or whatever. Never really thought anything about it. About two and a half months later I meet him again. Both times completely random and unrelated. Became fast friends bc we were at college and didn't really know anyone. Had fun during the school year. Summer came along and we went our separate ways. Only texted like one time. Went back to school in the fall and somehow became best friends without really realizing it. He went to a Shane and Shane concert with me. That was the night that I realized I wish there could be something more but knew it would never happen bc he had a girlfriend that everyone knew he was going to be with forever. Didn't want to leave school at christmas but talked a lot anyways. He was extremely supportive during a very difficult time in my life. Called me on new years eve and said that he had broken up with his girlfriend. The second he told me that, I told myself that I would wait as long as it took for him to get over it, even if that meant a year or more. Eleven days later he told me something that I never ever in a million years thought I would here. I realized soon after that that at some point I had fallen in love with him. Idk how it happened but it did. And now I am the happiest girl in the world. It's crazy that all it took was meeting this random guy two years ago.