Laboring through Labor Day

I've got a heck of a line up on the calendar between now and Thanksgiving. Yes ma'am, a full line up dangerous enough to ask, "hey, how are classes going?".

The LORD has blessed me through this past year with a flood of grace, providing an overflow of freelance media opportunities. With me being an eager beaver freelance media person, you can see how this has been a wonderful thing.

I can do no complaining, only praising about the weeks ahead and what will be learning and taking away from everything but the classroom. I will be struggling to place my priorities in the politically correct order, as I focus on learning in the field instead of in the classroom. Rest assured I will not be loosing my scholarship or anything, but with such an oncoming of work, it is ignorant not to brace for the workload ahead. I look forward to the weekends on the road, the time with my wonderful family, and the support of my closest friends in the weeks ahead.

Summary: "I've got more jobs ahead of me in the next 8 weeks than I've had in the past 8 months. And I'm excited."

Sep 5 - Outdoor Cap Radio Spot (AUDIO)
Sep 12 - Wedding Video Production (VIDEO)
Sep 12 - Mom's birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (AWESOME)
Sep 19 - Miss BHS Pageant Video Production (VIDEO)
Sep 26 - Post Production (MAC)
Oct 3 - BHS Regional Dance Competition (DVDs)
Oct 10 - Mary Mangrum Senior Portrait Shoot (PHOTO)
Oct 11 - FBC Bentonville AM Service (AUDIO)
Oct 17 - Van Buren Regional Dance Competition (DVDs)
Oct 24 - BHS Regional Cheer Competition (DVDs)
Nov 7 - OBU vs. HSU Football (DVDs)

It will be interesting to balance the different genre's of work, going from radio commercials to wedding video, to DVD production, to photo shoot, to live audio.

I am excited to be living the dream. LTD

Praise God.