Fall Class Schedule

I'm settling in here at Henderson State after the first week of settling has settled. I thought I'd post my class schedule, just because of how proud of it I am. My dad takes great pride in arranging a KILLER schedule, with comfortable lunches and balanced daily schedules. thanks Dad!

I would do it myself, but he gets so much joy out of it, he can have it!

I never go to class before 9am.
I'm out by 2:45pm.
I have three classes every day.
I love it.

Screen shot 2009-08-30 at 11.45.50 PM
(you can click that to make it readable)

Micro Economics
Honors Psychology
Civilization to 1660
Non-Western Music Culture
State & Local Government

Fantastic! I'm not much of a bookworm by any standards, but I can definitely live with a schedule like this. -Cameron