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"Get Well" Puppy
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In case you don't follow me on Twitter and didn't hear, I was diagnosed with H1N1 "Swine Flu" Wednesday. I woke up Tuesday morning not feeling quite normal and it has gone downhill from there. Tuesday morning my voice was crazy deep, and it was a pleasure to do my daily voicemail update. Well I should have seen it coming that it wasn't just a lovely post-puberty gift it was a sign of a sneaky sore throat.

They basically told me to just sit in my dorm room and wait it out. They also volunteered typical flu advice like, "drink lots of fluids and stay in bed". I have no interest in sitting in bed and waiting. Since they wouldn't let me go to class until Monday I took this time to clean the room, get some freelance editing done, and relax.

One of the funny things about this flu was that unlike the regular flu I got ups and downs out of the deal. For instance, Wednesday afternoon I felt great so I went ahead and played the drums for my friend Klayton at Guyer Springs Baptist Church. Then Wednesday night I felt ridiculous. Thursday morning was better, then the afternoon was awful, then the night was fine. It's been weird to have these highs and lows, but I'll take 'em! I guess with the normal flu you're just supposed to be down all the time, so I'll take what little freedom I can get.

My sleep schedule is really wild now, and after sleeping all day I am wide awake and ready for action here at 3am.

Thank you for all the prayers and support during these past five days. I am beginning to recover now and look forward to classes first thing Monday morning. Thank you all, and please don't get sick!

oink oink,