Flu Field Trip

These past two days I haven't really moved from this 8x12 room. Normally a college guy would consider it Living The Dream to just sit here in his underwear doing nothing. But, I've had enough. Today is a new day. Today I… still feel just the same as I have every day since this started. Dang.

Well today I'm reaching for the door handle. I'm stepping out into the bright new… hallway, then down to the lobby. Aubrey is bringing me lunch! Yippee! She just called from the KFC drive-thru to say, "order up!"

I am more than excited about this field trip downstairs, out of this flu-flowing cesspool that my dorm room has become. Thank you Aubrey! I've GOTTA start getting better any minute, because it's scary when reaching for the door handle is a rejoicing occasion.

And… here she is! Thanks baby!