GrandKids Strobist Shoot with Chetley

Last Thursday I did a shoot with Aubrey's family, and wanted to post some of the images for ya'll to check out. This is Aubrey, Aaryn & Will, the grandchildren on Aubrey's Mom's side of the family tree. My friend Chetley and I went out to the Bella Vista Lake and did a location scout beforehand to get a look at everything. Chetley is a huge help in the field, and steps in for me to check lighting before the girls step in.

He wasn't planning on these images going anywhere I'm sure, and still has a reflector in his hands, but I wanted to post one anyway. Chetley is a heck of an assistant and this shoot literally wouldn't have happened without him. And the pineapple. He carried around some pineapple while we were shooting, which kept everybody pretty content.

Elliott Shoot - Check!

For the Strobists, the reflector never made an appearance much after the first hour. The shoot was minimally ambient, with as many shots as possible being carefully lit. thanks Chetley. All with one Speedlight, (Canon 580EX-II, worth the money). I had the light atop a Manfrotto nano stand, atop a Chetley. With having an extra man, I was able to boom light up and over sideways next to behind and in front of anything. I could say, "down a stop and a third" and he would do it, and I could just grab the boom and move my light to where I needed it until he "froze" it into it's new position. Honestly, I don't see myself shooting without Chetley again, or in ambient, or indoors, or without pineapple. That was some good fruit. After they proof their images, I will be printing, as always, through my friend and fellow Arkansasan Tim Donar out of Conway, AR. Tim Donar, is, the, man. He does quality work that sure beats anywhere else I've seen and makes me never want to print at Wal-Mart again. oh my.

Elliott Shoot - 1

Elliott Shoot - 2

Elliott Shoot - 3

Elliott Shoot - 4

Elliott Shoot - 5

Elliott Shoot - 6

Elliott Shoot - 7

Elliott Shoot - 8

Elliott Shoot - 9

Elliott Shoot - 10