Simple Grandparents Portraits

I just got back from my Grandparents house in Texas and wanted the first entry back in town to be devoted to them.

I typically don't jump out in front of the camera to explain stuff, you normally have to deal with my scrambled writing, but today I thought it was video time. This is not a crazy setup. It is nothing fancy or flashy. BAHAHAHAHA It's just a basic way that I find myself building portraits on a regular basis. All the credit here goes to the Blogger David Hobby of, who has taught me everything you see here.

With just this simple setup I was able to achieve decent looking lighting on very quick and simple portraits. My grandparents were not the easiest subjects to work with, so I kept things simple, quick, easy and light. I needed things to look and be easy on their part, but achieve professional-looking images on my side.

Grannie & Papa - 1

Grannie & Papa - 2

Grannie & Papa - 3

Grannie & Papa - 4

Grannie & Papa - 5

the Golden Red Barn

The barn and the individuals were both natural ambient light, but the three "together" portraits where with this simple, Strobist setup.