Travis Cottrell's "Jesus Saves (Live)"!

The current time is 11:26pm on Monday night, the first of June. Tomorrow Travis Cottrell releases his latest album entitled "Jesus Saves (Live)", his second CD in the past year. No normal human can crank out two entire albums in less than 12 months. The man is a beast.

Jesus Saves

I really don't have much more to say about the CD, as it is still downloading. DOWNLOADING?! I thought it was only 11:30pm?? It shouldn't be released for another 30mins!? Well my friends, iTunes published the album early, trying to get to bed a few minutes earlier I guess. They thought nobody would notice the difference, but they don't know who they're messing with. I hit that page like a turtle on lettuce and am on my way to having it downloaded before midnight. booya, iTunes. booya.

I can't WAIT to hear it! I'm sure while the rest of the world lines up at their local christian bookstores at opening time tomorrow I will be peacefully enjoying my copy from the comfort and embarrassing site of my bedroom.

Travis was kind enough to invite me into his home back in March, overly kind based on the schedule he was maintaining at the time. To get the tracks extra clean, Travis spent a few days in the studio re-recording a few lines. Artists can spend days recording one song at a time, while Travis had to pull off the entire album in one night, with one take on each song, sung back to back straight through. With a challenge like that, some small flukes may occur that fly under the radar live, but are a different story in playback. Stuff that blends in live can be fine, but under the fine comb of the studio, and by listening to only one mic at a time, problems are bound to be discovered. In the studio...

Travis was kind enough to take care of me for a couple of days, while I took up couch space on in the studio and tried to act cool. Travis has always been much too kind to me, as you probably have already seen through the numerous mentions throughout this blog. I compiled a page of all the Travis Cottrell content I've published here:


Thank you for reading, but get out and go get in line for this CD! It'll be out in a matter of hours!