Aubrey's at the Pool!

I thought I was doing pretty good this summer with all the freelance work I've got scheduled, but then Aubrey had to go and show me up with a "real job". I've always wanted a "real job" but have just always been blessed enough through freelance opportunities to avoid the time-card-punching machine.

Aubrey Elliott

Aubrey is a Music Education major down at OBU, and decided if she worked her butt off this summer she could buy one heck of a Flute just before her Sophomore year began.

My parents ran across a random job through the city, and told Aubrey about it. She checked into it, got her name on the interview list, and SHIZAM she's hired. I don't know exactly what happened, but I'm sure one look at her resume made them cancel the other peoples' interviews. She's legit.

She's working for the City of Bentonville as the Public Pool Cashier. So, if you're in the NWA area, and are about to suffer a heat stroke, maybe you should head over to the pool, located by Memorial Park. Aubrey's smile and about 2 million gallons of water will be waiting for you. Oh and be sure to pay with a $100 bill, and as she's counting out $98 in change, tell her you read this blog. :D