I am going to New York City

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Thank you for the over-expected response to the NYC advice plea. I spent the day thinking about it, and have made my decision.

I am going to New York City. And I'm going for free.

Thank you Henderson Oracle for offering me to join in on the trip, late. Thank you Dad for so willingly offering to pick up the plane ticket.

My friend sent me this video, about Apple's new MacBook Wheel.

That was so well done, you'd almost think it was real. Go to Apple.com and look for yourself, there is no MacBook Wheel. But, that video was hilarious, so it had to be shared.

Today was busy, with one newspaper shoot, and one fun shoot. The newspaper shoot was fun too, but not classified so, as it was required.

I pushed a button a few times to snag some Swim Team photos. Henderson calls our team the "Red Wave". I uploaded my favorites to my Flickr Page (the link is always at the top right). You can click on any photo on the blog to get to my Flickr page.

The other shoot was some engagement photos for two of my friends here on campus, Taylor Wood and Jaime Moore. I decided to try something different, and share the button-pushing duties with my friend, a much better photographer, Austin Walker. He has already picked his favorites from the day, and blogged them here.

I've got a newspaper article to write. Thank you for your flood of support about going on the trip. I really appreciate all the comments!