Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Call me "Camera Magee"

The student newspaper, the Oracle, was in need of a Photo Editor. I already write for the paper through my News Reporting class, but decided to put my lack-of photo skills to use, and take the position.

Now, the position has few perks such as scholarship funds, resume points, and experience. One of those perks is a staff trip. Every semester the staff travels to a photojournalism conference that they choose. This semester, they chose New York City.

Being on staff now (with a handful of other staffers) makes me eligible for the school-sponsored trip. There is one important note about the trip, though:

It's a free trip.

So, in case you aren't, I'm jumping up and down right now, while maintaining a steady typing pace.

However, at the very beginning of the semester, when they booked the plane tickets, they did not have a Photo Editor, so they did not book a ticket for that staff member. I waltz up, and it's too late to jump in on their tickets. However, hotel and other expenses are not yet locked, and they will of course cover all costs there.

If I can get myself to LaGuardia on a separate but similar flight, they will take care of me from there on out. It's a four day trip.

My Dad looked up the flight info, and offered to pay the airfare both ways for me. Thanks Dad!

I've never been to New York City before, and can only imagine how fun it would be to go. Especially the concept of flying solo, like a grown-up.

Here's the kicker. We leave on a Saturday morning, and return on a Wednesday night. This means I will have to miss three days of classes. Here's the other kicker. My 19th birthday will be that Sunday, placing me in NYC with no friends and no family on my birthday. Here's the other kicker. After being gone MonTuesWed, I come back for ThurFri classes, and then it's Spring Break.

So, I ask you, should I stay or should I go, now? At the attempt to humor my Political Science roommate Taylor, I have posted this video for you. Please hit play, and enjoy the music as you weigh the odds below.

I've missed less than five classes since I arrived.
It is a once in a lifetime offer to go to NYC, basically for free.
I don't like the idea of missing three consecutive days of class.
I would be there learning from the best photographers in the world.
I come back just in time to get caught up, then break starts.
It would look really good to say I've attended this big conference.
I would be away from Aubrey for five days.
The solo plane ride would totally be awesome and way mature.

Should I Stay? Should I Go?
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