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For Christmas, I got Aubrey's father something pretty manly. I planned us an outing to go to a pistol shooting range, about as manly as it gets. The man lives in a house with three women, he needs a man-break.

I visited the gun range in Fayetteville, and got the specifics, to make sure it would be a reality. I spoke with, we'll call him, Jim. I said I was 18, I'd never shot a gun before, and I wanted to bring my girlfriend's dad down to shoot with me. He said that'd be fine, they kept regular hours, and to come back down anytime.

Elliott Outing #1: Wyley and I head down there this morning, arriving about 10:30am. We find Jim. He says that since Mr. Elliott is not my dad, and I'm not 21, I can't shoot. He also says the gun range doesn't open until noon. I don't know what happened, but Jim changed the rules on us. No shooting today. We'll have to come back down, and bring my Dad with us, so the three of us can shoot together. That's cool, I can't wait.

Elliott Outing #2: For the afternoon, I met up with Aubrey and her mom, and we went to Fayetteville for some shopping. We hit up Target, some place called Chico's, Best Buy, and Vintage Stock.
Elliott Outing
Not too bad, I'd say. I walked away with a new DVD, and they got all kinds of fun stuff. It was a fun afternoon with Aubrey, Mrs. Stephanie, and myself. Loved it.

I've gotta go clip Lilly's toenails, they get out of control if I don't keep em in good shape. She hates it. Those claws are like her weapons, and shortening them isn't doing her arsenal any favors. But, since I've got her weapons gripped, she can't fight me too much. How much fighting can 15lbs of adorable soft Pug do, anyway?
Lilly the Pug
It's pretty pathetic, actually. She squirms and moans, and, best of all, breathes extra hard. She KNOWS I hate her breath, so she breathes in and out, in and out, right in my face. It works, because I make quick work out of it, and she's back to her nap before too long.

I'm off to the Razorback vs. OU basketball game tonight! Now, these tickets are pretty hard to come by, but not too hard to come by for Wyley Elliott! The man wrestled me a ticket somehow, so I get to go! I'm pumped. P-U-M-P-E-D. Finally, a sporting event NOT behind a LENS!

Heading to Frisco, TX tomorrow afternoon, to visit the Grandparents. Looking forward to a few days if nice and quiet. Should be an nice change of pace from today!