bye bye PowerBook

bye bye PowerBook
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I hit the floor pretty early this morning (for a Christmas-breaking College Student) at 8:15am. Aubrey and I got to get together for breakfast at Chick-Fil-A, something I don't believe we've ever done (I'll have to check the archives...)

After breakfast, I suited up in my lame gym shorts and toilet-paper-thin cheap white t-shirt and headed to the gym. That's right, the gym. I met my Naval friend Nick DeLuca there, for some INTENSE Racquetball. We played for a straight hour, five games. These were not your ordinary games, these were pretty intense by most rookie-standards. The only thing that was rookie about them was my scores.

I lost all five games.

It wouldn't have been so bad, except that Nick had never played Racquetball before. I spent the first 5mins teaching him the rules, and he spent the next 55mins teaching me to play.

Steak N' Shake for lunch. That was pretty dang good, I'm hear to tell you. They made me a Strawberry-Banana milkshake, and DANG, DANG it was Strawberry-Banana-full.

Since my PowerBook eBay auction ended on the weekend, today was the first business day after the auction. It had to be shipped. Before I boxed him up, I snapped one last photo of the two of us.

Oh and real quick, I wanted to post a recent photo of me and Aubrey together. This was at her Aunt and Uncle's house about a week ago.
Me and Her

I Hope everybody had a great Monday!