CZECH it Out:

Back in January of this year, a few of my photography buddies and I put together a website. Most of us are from the Bentonville area, so we went with the domain: Before this blog was a work in progress, the photo site went up, and we began daily postings of our photography work.
Shure SM57The site is designed to give each of the seven photographers one assigned day of the week to post a photo. Only one photo can be posted, and the photo has to have been taken in the last seven days.

It forces us to be producing at least one photo a week that we are proud enough of to post on the internet, for public critique. We all try to comment on each other's photos, stating the good, the bad and the ugly. It's a nice, friendly reminder to me personally, because there are four or five day stretches where I won't take a single photo. To the newspaper shooters, it's no big deal, but to me, it forces me to get out and shoot something cool, at least once every seven days.

At the end of this year it will be nice to go back and have 52 portfolio-worthy shots, all documented and out on the web.

I keep the link to the site on the right, with all my other favorites, but in case you missed it, I wanted to do a quick post about the site, for ya'll to CZECH it Out!