It's been busy. It's been fun.

First of all, I must apologize for the lack of posts lately. I haven't said a word since Wednesday, and sorry, but at this point it might be Too Late to Apologize.

Since I've been a slacker, I'll try to give ya'll the "Reader's Digest" version, as someone would call it...
It's been crazy.
U.S. History was cancelled, giving me a nice long lunch before The Praise Hour. Hutch Kufahl called in and won the CD for this week, way to go, Studio 412! As soon as Radio class was over, I headed over to 2nd Baptist. Thursdays are Refuge days for me. The Refuge service starts at 9pm, with a total of three hard-working crews sweating all day to make that happen.

2pm-4pm - Crew One: Tear down all 2nd Baptist Stage Plot, and bring out all Refuge gear, for basic plotting and cable running.
6:30-8:30pm - Crew Two: the Band and the Tech crew. Setup the stage, get Media Shout prepped, soundcheck, and rehearse
10:30-11:30pm - Crew Three: Tear down all Refuge Stage Plot, and bring back out all 2nd Baptist gear, leaving it just how we found it.Refuge_2

I'm proud to be apart of ONE of those crews, Crew Two, as the FOH Audio Engineer. The guys working to make this weekly production happen really have some of the biggest servant's hearts I've ever seen. It is truly their passion to serve the LORD, through their weekly devotion to this show.

Class in the morning, lunch at Arby's. Yeah, I picked five.

Spent the evening with Aubrey, we drove to Benton to Tinseltown, a massive movie theatre. Did I mention, Waffle House Dinner? Booya. We met our friends, Austin and Laura there, and saw Eagle Eye. The movie was ridiculous, and that's LEGIT. We'll call it, Deja Vu meets: Live Free or Die Hard.

Spent the day with Aubrey, in Little Rock. We met my family at Red Lobster for an early lunch (they were in town for Caleb's "open house" at pharmacy school. That pharmacy junk is no joke. I have an overly-elevated respect for those pill-counters behind the wall now. You should too, their training to get back there is insane.

We went to the Museum of Discovery, and saw an IMAX movie before heading back home... err... to Arkadelphia. IMAX rocks.

Hit the new BBQ place on the way into town, Fat Boys Fine Food. It's right off the highway, and WOW, it's good. If you're going to be traveling through the Arkadelphia area... Well first of all, call me. Then, make the quick exit and eat there for lunch. It's good, and they have Club Crackers, too. I love Club Crackers.

We went to 2nd Baptist, and it was pretty solid, I'd have to say. After the service, we went to their College Sunday School, where they feed you lunch. (They really know how to get us in the door.)

Aubrey and I spent the entire afternoon working on homework, and ended up with free time last night. She moseyed on over, and we watched The Rescuers Down Under. Yep, it's a cartoon. Yep, we're 18.

These last few days rocked my socks off. A fun weekend with the girl I love, while still keeping things busy and taking care of business. I'll try to wrestle her memory card from her, and post some photos for ya'll.