OBU Homecoming Weekend

my Elliott Family
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The Elliott's came to town this weekend. It was nice to have some fresh faces here in town. The whole clan dropped in, Wyley, Stephanie, Aaryn, Mimi & O'Daddy. They woke up at the kerr-RACK of dawn on Saturday morning, and made the 4-hour trip from the (479) down to the (870).

The seven of us had a blast. This weekend was OBU Homecoming, like I had mentioned, so there was not a dull moment. As soooooon as they got here on Saturday afternoon, it was kick-off time. Straight to the game. Aubrey (and the rest of the Ouachita Band) had a GREAT halftime show, and the football team won the game. Final score was... 17-30, Ouachita (I'm sure you'll correct me if I'm wrong, Mr. Elliott).

After the game we all loaded up and went to the Fish Net. Pretty good. The location was a little sketchy looking, from the outside, but the inside was great.

I don't know what it was about the outside that bothered me, I guess it just looked fishy.

I promise I'll never use that joke again.

Then we went to Tiger Tunes. Holy cow. I was not prepared for that, at all. OBU's Tiger Tunes program is a little difficult to explain, you kind of need to see it in person, but here's the gist...

Think massive talent show. Where each act is a social club. No fraternities or sororities over there, they stick with the term "social club". Each act is about 6mins of solid entertainment. Singing, dancing, and musical numbers rule the program. But, some random talents such as moonwalking and the worm are all proudly exhibited, which is what really separates the uniqueness of the acts from each other.

The band had an act, even though they are not considered a social club. They were the best act, too. They performed Michael Jackson's Thriller. They also perform Thriller as part of their halftime show, but this performance was a show of it's own.

Aubrey: the Zombie
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The costumes these band members cranked out were LEGIT.

The first time I saw Aubrey in her Thriller costume I flipped. I don't know any better way to describe it. Her costume was just Off The Wall. Now, I don't Wanna Be Starting Something, but she's usually a Pretty Young Thing. But, that thing was so scary, The Way it Made Me Feel, just plain Rocked My World.

They just skipped town a few hours ago, and this is the first time I've really gotten to sit and relax at the ole' Powerbook in a few days. I'll try and get some more material up from this weekend. I've gotta go take out the trash. I love dorm life.