the Praise Hour

Every Thursday, I take over the campus radio station for one hour. I say "take over" because I hit that station with something it doesn't get, any other time of the week. Christian music. Every other hour of the week is typically filled with one of two things. Rap or Rock. There is no way that the entire community of Arkadelphia can be categorized as only listening to two genres. I'm a mass media major, and so it is part of my degree program for me to participate in the radio station. I never thought I'd like radio, but it truly is a blast. For one hour, every week, I get insurance that I can do nothing but sit around and listen to music that I like.

KSWH Control Panel
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I wanted a way to find out if anyone was actually listening to what I was broadcasting. So, as a way to get feedback, I began my CD giveaway contest. Every week, about 20mins into the show, I stop giving the title and artist information for the music that I am broadcasting. The first listener to call in and identify one or the other, wins a CD. I'm happy because I know at least one person is listening, and they're happy because they just one a free CD.  Today's winner was Tracie Cross, who was up in NWA for the craft fairs, thanks for listening, and thanks for calling, Mrs. Cross!

The broadcast can be heard on the station's website, as well as here in Arkadelphia, fm99.9.