Tiger Tunes Time!

Aubrey the Flutist
Originally uploaded by CameronMagee
Ouachita Baptist University will host it's annual homecoming festivities this weekend. The crown jewel of the weekend is sure to be the Tiger Tunes performances. Tiger Tunes celebrates it's 30th year this season, and is sure to include some new and exciting twists.

I'm sure of at least 2 Tigers returning to their natural habitat this weekend. The town is going to be packed. Arkadelphia is not used to all of the extra excitement, and I'm sure that the entire Henderson Campus will hibernate in their dorms for the weekend, waiting for the festivities to blow over.

I, on the other hand, will be a Tiger this weekend. My Reddie Spirit is alive and well, of course, but the Tiger's blood will be flowing through my veins all weekend long.

With Aubrey being a music education major over at OBU, she will be heavily involved in Tiger Tunes. Her family is coming into town this weekend, so I've got a fun weekend ahead. Her dad is one of the two tigers that I was speaking of, so he'll be all over the campus shaking hands with his former fraternity brothers, I'm sure.

Looking forward to an exciting, fun filled weekend here. I hope everyone else has exciting plans for the two days as well!