the big 91%

the big 91%
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I popped a 91% on my U.S. History today. College is way different than Bentonville High School. My History course, for example, has a completely foreign grading policy. It's pretty crazy.

We've got three tests this semester.
1. First half test
2. Second half test
3. the Final

There are no homework assignments, no in-class assignments either. He only takes those three grades, for the whole semester.

Also, he only looks at letters. I got a 91%, but I might as well have gotten a 99%, it's all an A to him.

Anyway, college is going great. I had my priorities backwards in High School, and it's only by God's grace that I made it to college how I did. Now that I'm here, it's actually a better environment for me than high school ever was.