Unfair Advantage

Everywhere in life there are unfair advantages. What matters is discovering your personal advantages, and placing them in environments where they are truly greater than their surroundings.  

In the movie THE MATRIX, Neo could move so quickly he could dodge bullets. In fighting one on one with others, his movements were so swift he could place one hand behind his back and still have the upper hand. Think of what you are best at, a skill, gift, or craft that you are abnormally, or unfairly, great at. Now picture yourself in a room full of people who are also very skilled in this way. The advantage you have is irrelevant. A skilled carpenter at a carpenter's convention doesn't have much to contribute. Place that same carpenter in a small town where he is the only local craftsman of his trade, and he is suddenly in a major unfair advantage. 

The same is true in relationships, especially in business. If you are an average local production company who can provide basic concert services, and you're placed in a high stakes NYC corporate environment, you don't have much to offer. However, place that same production company in a rural Arkansas town for the day, and that town will rave about how great of a show they put on for their community. 

Where are you? Are you average, and placing yourself amongst average others? Or, are you average and placing yourself amounts above-average others? If so, chances are, you're not going to receive a lot of pats on the back. 

Lastly, in some rare instances, you may be well above average, but existing in a below-average environment. Picture a seasoned NYC corporate production company, trying to offer it's services to an African village. Not only is the company going to be cripple by the lack of essentials they're used to having to perform their best, the customers aren't going to be able to afford to respond the same as NYC. 

Place yourself in an environment where you have an unfair advantage. Discover what you're strengths are and find a place to serve where those areas are weak. The value you'll be providing for those you serve will be undeniable. Undeniable in their satisfaction, undeniable in your outlook, and undeniable in the lineup of referrals they send you to of others in their networks looking for a value provider such as yourself.