Old Enough

Old enough to be different, and make an example for my King.

I've always looked like I'm about 2/3 my age. So, at 22, to most people I look like I'm just now turning 15, and hitting puberty. :)

When Laura and I got married it was definitely a personal little jump in manhood for me, but I still look very young of course.

When I take her to nice dinners, which sadly I have to admit is not as often as I would like, the places we go are typically very nice places, where typically a couple would order wine or something like it with their meal.

Now that we both look 15, but are wearing wedding rings, people do a sympathy assumption and push our ages to 21. And, at 21, we get offered alcoholic beverages when we are seated.


But, finally, for different reasons. Christ has called us to a higher purpose for our time here. We are called to be different, truly aliens in a place that is not our home. We are called to be so separate from the affairs of the world that the people around us would notice those differences, and ask us what in the world we are doing.

What in the world, why would you not order a drink, you're old enough? Before it was just, "oh we'll you're just a 20 year old kid you can't yet." Now, we are proud card-carrying legal adults with drivers license mugshots to prove it. So, "what in the world, why would you not __________?" It is in these opportunities where doors are open to conversations about being a part of something bigger than ourselves and lives only lived once here on earth.

These conversations are such rare beasts in 2012 that it is critical to realize and capitalize on them when they arise. If we were bombarded by friendly folks asking us all the time, "hey partner, why don't you talk me into something? I want to stop serving myself and fulfilling the natural desires of my sinful flesh and start disciplining myself daily to live for others, and to serve a man I've never seen," that would be one thing. However, it's 2012, I'm sitting in a restaurant full of lonely people eating alone and every one of us is on our phone, trying not to make eye contact. The truth is that the world we live in is so connected to the people we like who aren't around us that there's no need to speak with a total stranger just to be kind and have conversation. I'm not talking to anyone I'm having a text message conversation with my wife the woman I love why would I talk to some person in the booth across from me?

This of course is just one small way to serve, I don't mean "whew I'm 22, better START serving my king now that I have this one thing I can do." It has been a long journey. :D

In a world full of people all doing the same things, the things that are broadcast to be normal, when you do something different you are a rebel, and people ask questions. God give me opportunity after opportunity, that I may be used by you to spread your gospel of living for something greater. I love you Lord, hold me like a fetter and bind my wandering heart to thee that I may be used as a vessel carrying the saving cure for this world I sail amongst.