Custom Drive Icons

I'm a nerd.

Also, I have multiple hard drives that I'm constantly juggling and shuffling around. It's very important that I don't get them mixed up as I transfer files around from drive to drive, so to keep things organized, I use custom drive icons for each HDD.

It's a simple little trick I learned early on when I switched to the Mac platform (a couple weeks after Dad took the training wheels off my bike). I wanted to make a post to try to explain the process start to finish. For the purposes of this post, I'm going to make my iTunes Music folder look the same as the iTunes App.

Find an icon that you want.
For starters, head here: Other World Computing
OWC (MacSales) put a great little starter set online that you can easily download. There are tons of these files all over the internet to seek out after these, but this will get you started.

What you want
Once you have those icons downloaded, click on one and hit "Command I" (that's a capital "eye" not a capital "one"). :)

What you've got
Now click on the Hard Drive you want to change and hit "Command I"

Now that both are pulled up, click on the little miniature logo on the information window for the first icon.

Hit "Command C" on the keyboard. Click on the icon in the other window, the receiving HDD, and hit "Command V"

Hope that explains it. It's a little different to explain via screenshots. Feel free to ask questions and if there is any real interest I'll make a fancy video. :D