Guitars on the Wall

I could keep my guitars in their cases out in the shop, but I don't like the thought of the temperature out there. :)

So, I went to Home Depot after church and spent $3 on a board and $6 on more screws that I could possibly use in my entire lifetime.

There were some particular standards I had established for myself.

1. The wall is 100in, and I wanted the 72in board centered.
2. After that, I wanted the center guitar centered.
3. Instead of the outer guitars being spaced relative to the 72in board, I wanted them spaced out based on the wall's 100in span.

The guitars went up, even the heavy Bass over on the left.

I used the board so that I could spread the weight over 4 studs, but place the guitars how I wanted them. The studs are every 16in, but not necessarily placed where I'd like the guitars to hang.

It's looking good and I think it's got even a manly feel to it with the raw wood and black screws. I'd have the whole house looking like this but for Laura's sake I'll keep these little wood projects isolated to my desk area and the shop. :D

thanks for stopping by!