Sprint to the Bus

The next week or so ahead is quite blessed with opportunities.

GPC - I'm going out to shooting solo for Grace Point Church's local Day Camp. I'll spend most of a full day out in the field with the campers gathering most of my footage for the edit and getting a feel for the story of the camp. After a long day in the field I'll need to log the footage and begin a rough edit to have a plan going into the next day.

GPC - I will finish getting any shots to fill holes in the story, and begin the edit. This edit has to be mostly done by bedtime, so today will not have a lot of time to shoot excess footage.

Vista - Proud to be working on a Vista event this day, doing Audio, which is always a much-appreciated opportunity for them to trust me with. I love these guys.
Band Camp - The next three days are Band Camp Session II, which we will be sending Chetley down to capture. I've got to get Chetley briefed and equipped ready for him to leave out of NWA at sunrise the next morning.

Vista - Day 2 of this show
Band Camp - Chetley shoots all day
GPC - last few hours of edit time late this night, video is due the next day.

Vista - Doing an even more cool position on a smaller Vista meeting in a very cool but challenging location here in NWA.
Band Camp - Chetley gets his last shots and begins logging footage.

Wedding - Laura and I are with Alyx and Tyler doing video for their big day which we are very much looking forward to.
Band Camp - Chetley is joined by Cayla and Kole for the end-of-camp Concerts when the parents place their DVD orders as they pick up their campers.

Day Off - This is technically the day "off" because there isn't any shows or shooting scheduled, but...
Turnaround - Most of the day will be spent getting gear back in from Chetley, prepped and packed away. Same for Laura and I bringing in all the gear from the wedding. All the footage from Chetley's week shooting and concert shooting will get transferred, as well as both of mine and Laura's cameras from the wedding. Then I'll re-pack to head to a week of camp and try to get some rest.

Camp - I hop on the bus first thing in the morning to head to church camp with FBC Bentonville. They have given me the opportunity to serve the worship team using my live audio abilities all week. Looking forward to the camp, and looking forward with great hope to possibly catching some rest at some point.
Edit - I have to get some editing in while I'm at camp from all these projects. I'll have last week's Band Camp concerts and wedding photography, as well as this week's Band Camp footage, Band Camp concerts, and wedding video. Hopefully between serving for the worship services and catching some rest, this work can happen, because some of these projects are due the moment I get back into town, and some are due WHILE I'm out of town. :)

Hopefully the camp has a strong internet connection and a FedEx pickup location where I can send off some fruits of my labor back to NWA. :)

THANKFUL for the life I have been given, and blessed to be filled with a calendar so beautiful.

NOT looking forward to this much time away from my beautiful bride. Her in the ER and me out in the field isn't quite the same as living the dream in college and seeing each other every afternoon. We're strong though. :)