Senior year, 21 short days away from Graduation. Naturally, I have a lot of deadlines between now and then.

I was supposed to have two massive binders full of work due this evening by 5pm to one of my supervising professors. I have been working on both and have about 2hrs left on each one, and with hard work throughout the day can make that deadline. Apparently we had a miscommunication, and she is only expecting one of them tonight. One is called my UNIT OF STUDY and one is called my CONTENT PORTFOLIO.

So if I get this CONTENT portfolio done, cool, but if I don't, apparently she isn't looking for it after all.

What is also apparent is that we serve a great and mighty God, who, knowing our thoughts and hearing our prayers, cares for us, and delivers us from our worst troubles just in time, every time. I've seen 4 kids today. Nobody is in Gurdon High School, which turns it into a giant quiet library with everything I need to complete my work. It's like a day off but with a 7:30am deadline to get busy on work, and a 3:15pm ending time of "you can't do anything else so keep at it"

I love the God we serve. He is faithful, he is mighty to hear our calls to him, and his arms are not too short to save when we are in need.