Laura's Job

Laura looked at three different hospitals in the NWA area. Two of them had positions online accepting applications, so she applied. The third one did not have a position open, but a representative there offered to to give her a tour of the facility even though there weren't positions open at the time.

Northwest, Bentonville
Washington Regional, Fayetteville
Mercy, Rogers

She interviewed in Bentonville and it went alright. She interviewed in Fayetteville and felt like it went well. The tour in Rogers was fine of course, but no leads on working there.

She really liked Washington Regional (Fayetteville), and because she felt good about it, we have been hoping that one would happen.

There was only one job open on their website, that's the one she applied for, but when she was interviewing the guy told her that they were actually hiring four people. He had 7 people coming in for interviews for that one job, but there were actually 4 positions and he would pick 4 from the 7. He said he had a few more to interview and he would call her personally at the end of the month with news either way.

Early this afternoon, their HR department sent her an automated email saying the position you applied for has been filled and we're sorry that you didn't get it. Bad news.

So, she sent a personal email to the guy who interviewed her just saying she really appreciated the opportunity he gave her to interview and she was sorry to hear the news but thank you very much.

He sent her a personal email back saying wait wait wait... He said he called HR and asked them to pull the position off the site because he didn't want any more than the 7 to apply and he was finished with interviews. THAT is what triggered the automated email.

Then her phone rang and it was him. He said he had chosen 3 for sure, and the 4th position was going to be hard to pick between the 4 people that were left. But, that Laura was in one of the 3 that he liked. :D Good news. He just called to clear up the miscommunication that Laura thought she didn't get it but that she would. I was trying to get her Mac connected to her grandparents' WiFi next door so that she could begin sending her resume out to more hospitals and places she didn't want to work. :)

So, things look good! The guy was very nice and said she would receive a formal notice from HR at the end of the month, but just called so that she wouldn't start trying to get a job somewhere else because he liked her. :D We'll still wait for that final word officially, and some form of paperwork to make it final, but at least for now, WE'RE EXCITED. :D

yip yip!!