Arkadelphia DNOW 2012

We are at Arkadelphia's DNOW again this year provided Production and having a blast.  I'm on Audio and Laura is heading up ProPresenter.  We make a great team.  :)

We'll have a lot of great stories to take away from this weekend, but there is something more than that we want to share.  Klayton Seyler and his friends have been leading us in Worship, and Jason Curry has been speaking.  I can't express to you everything from the weekend in a blog post, but what I can do is share Jason's messages with you.

Please, find time to listen to these.  I have re-configured the blog where you should be capable of accessing these from a smart phone, your computer, or even an iPad.  I plan to listen to these each morning and afternoon on my commute.  I hope the Lord uses these simple recordings to speak to your heart the way he has spoken to ours this weekend.

Arkadelphia DNOW 2012 - Session 1

Arkadelphia DNOW 2012 - Session 2

Arkadelphia DNOW 2012 - Session 3

Arkadelphia DNOW 2012 - Session 4

I will be updating the post throughout the weekend after each session, eventually completing it with all 4 recordings.  thanks for stopping by!