Where Am I?


 I am migrating all of my online content to this new, all-inclusive site.  :)  In the past all of my stuff has been all over the internet, links here, sites there, photos where?  I am working hard to slowly get all of my content wrangled up and put in this one lovely new site.  I hope you like it by the way, I made it for YOU, my guest.

Hopefully things go smoothly over the next few weeks as I begin to blog on this site, link my Twitter to this site, and slowly migrate my photo business to this site.  No worries, you can still find some of the familiar buttons over on the right side of this page.  My YouTube channel, Twitter page, Facebook Profile, and Flickr Photostream can already be found over there.

My new site is brought to you by a company called SquareSpace.  They have been absolutely wonderful to work with so far, and I can't wait to continue building and expanding using their wonderful interface to finally have a home here on the web.

If you use bookmarks or favorites to get to my blog or other sites, be sure to change their address to navigate to here.  This site will always be a great place to start if you are looking for anything from me.  Here is a nice link: CameronMagee.com.  Thanks for reading, I APPRECIATE you very very much for stopping by.  :)  


PS - in the mean time, this new site may be a little, well Funky.  I'm working quickly to make everything make sense.  Sorry if it's a big mess.  You know how construction is.