Upload Capture

Internet speed is a wonderful thing. For most internet browsing, almost any "high-speed" connection is going to be wonderful. However, I upload a lot of stuff out to the web, stuff you may have seen. Like photos & videos for instance. When it comes to uploading large files or pulling big downloads in, it's nice to have a faster connection.

I would say an average high speed connection would be about

3mb DOWN
1mb Up

Those numbers are in MegaBytes Per Second.

I think at the MBSF and at home, our speed is right at those numbers, sometimes a little up or down.

The average household, with a couple of devices connected sharing a single Internet Service Provider, you're good to go. However across the street on Henderson's campus, they have to be equipped for over 3500 students being online at the same time. Well, it just so happens that most people are NOT on at the same time. Most students use the internet exclusively in their dorm rooms, mainly after class, and mainly for light usage.

That means during the middle of the day, "Business Hours" for me, I have a bigger slice of the pie on WiFi speed. Look at this:

73mb DOWN
43mb UP

Never again in my life will I ever witness speed like this. I can't imagine what it would cost a month to have this kind of speed all to yourself. And who would that'd be ridiculous! But, for now, it's so nice to have the speed for thousands, basically to myself, as everyone in class still uses notebooks, (the spiral kind, not the ones with Apples on them) the WiFi is basically wide open, waiting for me to snap it up with all my uploads and downloads.

Like I said, most typical stuff wouldn't utilize the speed much. For daily browsing anything over 3 you're flying. But, for these big files trying to get up and out of the pipe, this is nuts.

Think of it like PVC pipe. How big of a pipe do you have coming to your home? How big of a pipe does the university have coming to it's campus? What would you need a humongous pipe for? You wouldn't, unless you were trying to fill a swimming pool. In which case, no big deal just let it go overnight. But, I'm saying, it was amazing to watch this swimming pool fill up in 60secs.

I love it. :)