40 Days

On March 9, less than a week from now, I am going to stop drinking Dr. Pepper. No juice. No coffee.

Laura and I did this together last year and really enjoyed the challenge.

Forty Days of Water from Blood:Water Mission on Vimeo.

The entire idea is to only drink water, free water, for 40 days. Take all the money you spend on beverages for those days, write a check and donate it to Blood:Water Mission.

It is incredible how much we spend on drinks. We are enjoying comfortable beverages while our friends around the globe are struggling to find water to drink.

Drink water with us for 40 days. Realize how much you spend. Realize what a luxury clean water can be, right at our fingertips.

It is incredible how entitled we are to say, "I don't drink tap water, only bottled water".

Be thankful for the water you drink along the way. Tap Water. Plain Water.

Anyone can join. It's not any extra money, it's the money you were going to spend anyways, just going around the world. :)