Flip Flop

Well I like Apple. I find myself constantly researching, learning and exploring information on the internet.

Tonight after MBSF Laura and I went on our default 9:15pm Wendy's run. She always goes and sits with me while I eat so we get to talk and see each other since Monday is a non-stop day until 9pm.

When I got back tonight I got caught up on work from the day at my desk and now I've been just relaxing, reading information about computer speeds on the internet.

I am very interested in upgrading my current computer. Not because it stinks. In fact, it absolutely rocks. Hands down, the most solid computer I've ever owned or seen anyone own for that matter. This little black MacBook has been rock solid, SOLID, for two and a half years and we're coming up on 500 battery cycles.

My laptop is solid. Perfect amount of weight and firepower for day-to-day work. However, editing is an entirely different story. I do not like the idea of having a powerful editing desktop workstation, which is the industry standard for heavy projects.

If you know much about me, I strive for one common goal. Simplicity.

I don't want to run two machines and manage what files are where, syncing mail and information between the two, and missing music when I'm away from my desk.

The problem is that laptops simply will never be as fast as desktops. And it is difficult to sit here, saying the only thing I want is more power out of my laptop. That has a simple solution. If there is nothing wrong except you need more power on projects, then get a desktop.

I just don't want two computers.

Well then you settled it. Get the fastest laptop you can, and I don't want to hear any complaining a year from now about "gee this just isn't very fast" because you should have gotten the desktop then. It's a difficult decision between the simplicity of a one-laptop system and a two-computer powerhouse.

I go back and forth. Yesterday I said, "oh just keep your lightweight laptop for daily work and get a powerhouse desktop for editing". Today I say, "get one solid machine and be happy with the balance of weight and firepower".

Until I pull the trigger it doesn't matter how much I go back and forth. My goal? To go 7 solid days without flip flopping. Until I can do that it means less than a week after I buy one or the other, I'm going to be rethinking it. lol

not good. must mean I'm not ready. :D